Novel Graphics is a collective of comic creators and the website where their material is aggregated. You can learn about the individual creators below.
Novel Graphics Sly

Sly Krapa

Writer / Designer / Illustrator

Sly Krapa is a fledgling comic book illustrator and writer. He is a founding member of Novel Graphics along with Joe Ciano. In 2012, Sly received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design from the State University of New Paltz. Sly also has over 2 years of professional experience as a graphic designer and web designer working for two different companies. Sly designed and developed the Novel Graphics website as well as his own personal webcomic site, Sly Stories.

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Novel Graphics Joe

Joe Ciano

Writer / Editor / Cinematographer

Joe Ciano is a comic book writer with experience in the professional comic book industry. Joe also has professional experience as a video editor and film maker. Joe currently runs a WordPress blog for his film projects as well as his other writing projects. He is the writer for Tales of Happenstance, the current main feature of Novel Graphics. Tales of Happenstance is an anthology series showcasing stories from different genres. Joe is currently writing both “Another Night” and “Broadway” for that series while Sly Krapa illustrates.

Novel Graphics Darryl

Darryl Steffen

Writer / Illustrator

Darryl Steffen is a unique artist whose projects span several different mediums. He self-publishes his own distinct brand of graphic novels on Lulu.com and Amazon. His titles so far include: Pathra, Pathra, the account of a lonely creature’s suicide; Minus Existence, an exploration of an existential crisis, A Numb Derivation, an abstracted set of letters to old friends; and X-Grave Anthology, a collection of childhood comics. Pathra, Pathra and X-Grave Anthology are only available on Lulu, while A Numb Derivation and Minus Existence are on Amazon and Lulu.

Novel Graphics Ryan

Ryan Lynch


Ryan Lynch is a comic book enthusiast and collector that performs editorial duties for Joe Ciano and Sly Krapa.