Joe Ciano At Escape Pod Comics

If you’re near Huntington, New York, and planning on heading to a comic shop for Free Comic Book day, check out Joe Ciano at Escape Pod Comics! Issue 2 of his amazing comic The Black Woods will be making it’s debut there this Sunday. The Black Woods is a horror story written by Joe and … [Read more…]

Tales of Happenstance #6

So we have the final updates of the year. The big one is finally adding Tales of Happenstance #6 to the catalog, but there are also some portfolio updates to my page as well as some site tweaks. We’ll hopefully have some new projects ready to add fairly early into the new year.

Inbeon Con

So Novel Graphics is going to basically have it’s first table at a comic convention this Saturday at Inbeon Con. Joe Ciano and I will be at said table selling copies of books featured on this site such as Tales of Happenstance and The Smoke Man. We will also be selling another comic book written … [Read more…]

Official Launch

Today Novel Graphics celebrates it’s official launch. This doesn’t mean much for now except for the fact it means I will finally start advertising the site publically. I have many site updates coming up, including a new logo. I have also finally set up the sites social media pages, which can be viewed below: Google+ … [Read more…]

New Member

So I’m happy to announce we’ll be potentially adding a new artist to the site, Darryl Steffen. Since Darryl is going to be self-publishing his first major book soon, he would like a website for his readers to refer to where they can see more of his material. The book will be out in a … [Read more…]

Ready for Launch?

I’m planning to launch the site after I finish the preliminary layout of the Portfolio section, which unfortunately is also the biggest hurdle at the moment. I am okay with everything else being launched in pure alpha stage but I’d rather have something to show for the portfolio section. Even the crappy preliminary Comic section … [Read more…]

Regular Updates

So it’s been almost 2 months and this site is still a long way from being completed. I’ve been busy with my other projects and haven’t had the time to finish the changes I’ve been planning. I could have delayed with making the site until everything was ready to go, but I was not expecting … [Read more…]