New Member

So I’m happy to announce we’ll be potentially adding a new artist to the site, Darryl Steffen. Since Darryl is going to be self-publishing his first major book soon, he would like a website for his readers to refer to where they can see more of his material. The book will be out in a … [Read more…]

Ready for Launch?

I’m planning to launch the site after I finish the preliminary layout of the Portfolio section, which unfortunately is also the biggest hurdle at the moment. I am okay with everything else being launched in pure alpha stage but I’d rather have something to show for the portfolio section. Even the crappy preliminary Comic section … [Read more…]

Regular Updates

So it’s been almost 2 months and this site is still a long way from being completed. I’ve been busy with my other projects and haven’t had the time to finish the changes I’ve been planning. I could have delayed with making the site until everything was ready to go, but I was not expecting … [Read more…]