Smoke Man Print Edition

The print edition of Sly Krapa’s new book, The Smoke Man, is finally available in print. You can buy it from CreateSpace, aka the self-publishing section of Amazon. You can also order it from Amazon if you prefer and it is also available in ebook format on the Kindle store as well. We’ve added a … [Read more…]

Site Updates

We’ve implemented some new site changes to improve navigation through the site. The biggest update is that comics now have the ability to dynamically scroll through pages. Instead of one endless page of comic images, you can click left or right on one comic image to switch pages. You can view this change by viewing … [Read more…]

Official Launch

Today Novel Graphics celebrates it’s official launch. This doesn’t mean much for now except for the fact it means I will finally start advertising the site publically. I have many site updates coming up, including a new logo. I have also finally set up the sites social media pages, which can be viewed below: Google+ … [Read more…]