Tales of Happenstance

Tales of Happenstance is an anthology comic series showcasing different stories and genres. “Another Night” is about Alex, a typical young adult with typical young adult concerns: school, girls, parties, and turning into a werewolf every night. The werewolf thing has obviously become more of his main worry in recent days. Alex has his friend Jack to help him, but with Jack, “help” is a loose term. Can Alex find a way to stop the transformations before he does something terrible? The other story currently featured is “Broadway”, a thriller comic focused on a professional hit man named Aaron.

Published Trades

Sly Krapa’s only published work so far is the The Smoke Man, a story about masked vigilante with the ability to appear and disappear in clouds of smoke.

Darryl Steffen’s published works include Pathra, Pathra, the account of a lonely creature’s suicide; Minus Existence, an exploration of an existential crisis, A Numb Derivation, an abstracted set of letters to old friends; and X-Grave Anthology, a collection of childhood comics.