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So I’m happy to announce we’ll be potentially adding a new artist to the site, Darryl Steffen. Since Darryl is going to be self-publishing his first major book soon, he would like a website for his readers to refer to where they can see more of his material. The book will be out in a month or so, which means this site has to be ready by then for public viewing by then. On top of the changes I listed in my last post, this means adding pages for Darryl’s material. Since Darryl’s book will be the first published material to advertise this site, it’s kind of a big deal.

Darryl’s art is very different from my own art style, but I am a big fan of what I’ve seen from him. I have only read a few of his comic projects, which is why I’m extra excited to see this new book get published. I’m hoping to get a wide variety of different styles here, and Darryl’s books are very much his own unique vision that will offer a lot to the site.