Joe Ciano

Writer / Editor / Cinematographer

Joe Ciano is a comic book writer with experience in the professional comic book industry. Joe also has professional experience as a video editor and film maker. He has has worked as a video editor and writer for A.P.N.G Enterprises on their NEW-GEN series. NEW-GEN is a series that is printed, advertised, and distributed by Marvel Comics. Joe currently runs a WordPress blog that features all of his recent projects. These include his film, comic, and other writing projects not featured here.

He is the writer for Tales of Happenstance, the current main collaborative feature of Novel Graphics. Tales of Happenstance is an anthology series showcasing stories from different genres. Joe is writing both stories that are currently featured in Tales of Happenstance with Sly Krapa doing the illustrations. Those two stories are “Another Night” and “Broadway.” “Another Night” is unique quasi-horror tale about a college student who turns into a werewolf. “Broadway” is a thriller comic about a hit-man.