Dennis O’Neil – The Question

Directed by Joe Ciano

This is an interview with Dennis O’Neil, a notable writer and editor in the comic industry. O’Neil is known for his work for Marvel and DC Comics from the 60s through the 90s. His work on Batman in the ’70s brought the character back to his darker roots after the campiness of the silver age Batman stories. He later served as editor of the Batman line of books from the mid-80s until his retirement. Some of O’Neil’s most famous works include his run on Green Lantern/Green Arrow with Neal Adams, his run on The Shadow with Michael Kaluta, and hisĀ  run on The Question with Denys Cowan. All three runs are hailed as sophisticated stories for their time. They also helped comics expand as a medium for serious storytelling.

This interview superficially discusses O’Neil’s run on The Question. O’Neil talks about how the run came into existence back in the late 80s after DC acquired the rights to the Charlton Comics character. He also discusses why he “killed” the original objectivist Steve Ditko version and reinvented the character. This footage was filmed at the same time as Out of Print, which also features interview footage of Dennis O’Neil.