J.M. DeMatteis – Justice League International

Directed by Joe Ciano

This is an interview with John Marc DeMatteis, a comic writer who has worked in the industry with DC and Marvel since the 1970s. He is best known for his work Justice League International and his work on Spider-Man. J.M. DeMatteis’ most famous Spider-Man stories include the death of Harry Osborn, the death of Aunt May, and Kraven’s Last Hunt. While he is mostly known for his super hero work,¬†DeMatteis has also written creator-owned works for DC’s Vertigo and Marvel’s Epic line. The most famous of these works are Brooklyn Dreams and Moonshadow.

In this interview, J.M. DeMatteis discusses his run on Justice League International, which he co-wrote in the late 80s and early 90s with Keith Giffen. DeMatteis wrote the dialog for JLI while Keith Giffen wrote the plots. DeMatteis explains how he got the opportunity to write Justice League and his unique writing process with Keith Giffen, who would become a regular co-writing partner. This interview is outtake footage from Out of Print, a documentary about comics which features more footage from DeMatteis as well as other writers in the industry. DeMatteis is very active online and his website can be visited here.