Out of Print Documentary

Directed by Joe Ciano

Out of Print is a short 2013 documentary by Joe Ciano, Richard Ford, Ryan Resko, Amy West, and Matt Cartelli. The film talks about the past, present, and possible future of the comic industry. It discusses various topics from comic’s past and how they have shaped the current market. These include threats to the industry’s survival such as the release of Seduction of the Innocent in the 1950s and the comic book crash of the 90s. This also includes the development of the direct sales market and the recent comic book movie trend. Out of Print also discusses about the possible future of comics in online digital media and what effects it might have on a traditionally print industry.

Out of Print features interviews with three notable comic book creators: Dennis O’Neil, J.M DeMatteis, and Mattew Dow Smith. Dennis O’Neil and J.M DeMatteis also had further interviews where they discuss their most famous runs. Out of Print also features interview footage with Mike Giacoia, a local comic shop owner who runs a shop in New Paltz known as The October Country. These interviews show different perspectives on how the comic book industry has grown over time.