Tales of Happenstance 1

Written by Joe Ciano / Illustrated by Sly Krapa

Tales of Happenstance is an anthology comic series showcasing different stories and genres. It is the current main feature of Novel Graphics as it is the first collaborative effort between two creators on the site. Despite this being an anthology series, this first issue only features one series. The second series, ” Broadway,” begins in the very next issue of Tales of Happenstance.”Another Night” opens with it’s first chapter, “The Morning After,” where Alex wakes up after a wild night. Alex is typical college student with typical college student concerns: school, girls, parties, and turning into a werewolf every so often. The werewolf thing has obviously become more of his main worry in recent days. Especially since he’s been waking up covered in blood lying in the middle of corn fields. Alex has his friend Jack to help him, but with Jack, “help” is a loose term. Thankfully, Alex hasn’t killed a human being yet, but how long can he keep that up? Can Alex find a way to stop the transformations before he does something terrible?
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