Ready for Launch?

I’m planning to launch the site after I finish the preliminary layout of the Portfolio section, which unfortunately is also the biggest hurdle at the moment. I am okay with everything else being launched in pure alpha stage but I’d rather have something to show for the portfolio section. Even the crappy preliminary Comic section I have now at least gives you what you need despite being unimpressive. And who knows, whatever layout we end up using for the portfolios might inform the comics section as well.

The layout for the portfolio is the hardest part at the moment, since arranging that information is somewhat daunting. I’m hoping to have the general layout for at least one of the portfolios finished this week with the site launching before February arrives. If I have time, I will try to rework the Comic section before launching but that also seems like it would require me to set aside some serious time. My goal would be to have some sort of way to easily read the comics right on the site, but any jquery reading plugin I’ve read would probably demand the content area become wider. I would probably either have to go with an arrangement similar to what Joe has on his blog or go with a special layout with no sidebar to have the comic fill the entire space of the content.